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What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are a frequent sign of chronic venous failure.

The varicose vein is the result of the dilation or deformity of a vein (blood content drainage duct) located on the surface of the skin. You know you’ve got a case of varicose veins when the size of this duct exceeds 5 mm in diameter. 

When the ducts are smaller, they are reticular veins (from 2 to 5 mm); they are spider veins  and telangiectasias if they have a diameter of < 2 mm.

Varicose veins appear in 15% of the population and, a third of these cases have significant discomfort. They are more frequent in women and there is a family predisposition. Obesity, pregnancy, type of physical activity and physical constitution are other factors that have an influence on this disease.