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Innovative techniques in the treatment of varicose veins
Anales de cirugía cardíaca y vascular (Cardiac and vascular surgery annals)
April-June, 2004
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Application of the CHIVA strategy. Prospective study after one year

May – June, 2004
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The tourist class syndrome: a myth or a reality?
Minutes from the Clinica Plato

May – August, 2004
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Carotid paragangliomas
Combined Surgical and Endovascular Treatment

Archivos de Cirugia Vascular (Vascular Surgery Archives)

January, 2003
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Compression Therapy
Venous Disease

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Varicose veins
prevention is better

El Mundo de tu bebé (Your baby’s world)
February, 2003
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Curing fundamentals in a humid climate
The experts’ opinion: The current situation and controversies in curing wounds
September, 2004
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Treatment of phlebostatic ulcers using a multi-layer bandage
Anales de cirugía cardíaca y vascular (Cardiac and vascular surgery annals)
July-September, 2004
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The tourist class syndrome. A myth or a reality?
Barcelona Plus
Summer, 2004
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Endovenous procedures for treating varicose veins (I)
Técnicas Endovasculares (Endovascular techniques)

May – August, 2004
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Other articles

  • Introduction to sclerotherapy. 2008 Vascular Pathology Annals; 2(4): 235-240
  • Fernando Martorell (1906-1984). Centenary of a pioneer in Angiology. Angiology. Vol 59. number 1. feb/march 2008:98-99